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The Solar Egg

We love the occasional inspirational post and this

one was a must share!

This incredible creation was done in the northern most regions of Sweden by two very talented artists – Bigert and Bergstrom.  The Solar Egg was made as a gathering place where the local townsfolk of Kiruna, Sweden could meet and talk about the changes happening in their town.  Since it was built, it has been featured in many different places across Europe.


The main materials they used were stainless steel mirrors with titanium gold color coating.  Beneath the exterior, they also used steel, stone, wood, brass, glass, LED’s and Solar Panels.

Aside from the artists, there was also:

a Commissioner – Riksbyggen

a Project Manager – Mathias Sandberg

a Communication and Graphic Designer – Futurniture Construction

Drawings were done by Lars Hässler Construction

Installation was done by Hangmen AB Welding, Zoltan Schnierer, and Ljusdesign AB

Not all of our projects involve this much detail but on occasion, we do have customers bring in detailed plans, diagrams, and even cardboard samples.  We love the vision that some people have and that they are able to bring it to a reality.

For more details or photos of this amazing project, visit their website here: Solar Egg | Bigert & Bergstrom