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Creatively Clad – Bounce Design Exterior Renovation

If you are ever in Winnipeg, you may drive down Provencher Boulevard and see the beautifully clad, Bounce Design.  A few years ago, Bounce Design decided their monotone siding required a facelift that was more becoming to their true style!  After a little bit of searching, they stumbled upon Metal Depot!

After consulting with the team at Metal Depot, the new design for their exterior was created!  Something much more fun and exciting and that incorporated their colour scheme.  Silver… Charcoal… and ORANGE!

Unfortunately Orange is not a common colour though it is available, and the idea to use a perforated panel to create texture was brought into the mix.  As always, Metal Depot had a solution and they were able to bring in a skilled contractor that could bring this vision into a reality.

Custom panels were made using readily available galvanized perforated material.  Unfortunately with the perforated material being a little bit heavier, a standard hidden fastener panel style could not be used.  Metal Depot and Stewart Marks Construction created a clip that would hold the panels snuggly to the wall and keep screws off the face of the building!  Before installation, the galvanized panels were sent to a powder coating company in Winnipeg where they were painted orange!

The final design of staggering Silver Metallic, Charcoal, and International Orange panels brought new life to this building on Provencher.  Bounce Design now has a unique building that cannot easily be mimicked, much like their style!


More photos of the completed project can be found in our gallery.