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Roofing & Siding Panel Profiles

What metal roof or siding profile do you want?

This question is being asked to determine the desired height and spacing of the ‘ribs’.

Some people use the term “corrugated” to universally refer to metal roofing and siding; however, this is in error, as ‘corrugated’ actually is a profile of it’s own…the ‘wavy look’.

Metal Depot is proud to supply panels from top manufacturers such as Westman Steel, VicWest, and Agway.

Most suppliers have similar panels to each other, and similar colors;  however, if you are trying to match an existing panel or color, send us a picture and/or drawing with measurements (space between ribs and the height of the highest rib) and we will do our best to match it and source it for you.

Some of the more common profiles are found in these links.

Westman Steel Panel Profiles

Vicwest Panel Profiles

Agway Panel Profiles

Please Note: Every supplier has their own colour mix so “Coffee Brown” from one supplier may not be exactly like “Coffee Brown” from another!