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Alusion… What is it and why do we love it?

Story Time!

In the summer of 2021 we discovered a really cool new product called “Alusion”, through a Winnipeg Architecture office – House 5.  They had used the materials on a project a few years previously and it really caught our eye for its uniqueness and versatile capabilities.  This product is not just used for exterior siding, but can also be used for many different fun interior projects.  As we began looking through their website and everything they had to offer, we knew we needed to get more involved!

We quickly ordered samples so that we could begin showcasing them to customers, contractors, and architects!  It was not long before a contractor in Kenora placed an order that will be installed in Spring 2022.

Alusion, What is it?

The Alusion panel is a “Stabilized Aluminum Foam” that is created by blowing air into molten aluminum.  The aluminum has a fine ceramic particles dispersed throughout it.  According to the creators of Alusion, this process stabilizes the bubbles during the creation process.

Why do we love Alusion?

Aside from the extremely cool look of the Alusion panels, we also love what can be done with it.  Creative individuals have used it as ceiling tiles, interior wall panels, flooring, tables, etc.

The panels themselves are extremely lightweight so they add minimal weight to buildings projects.  Because there are different styles, they can also be used in smaller areas and larger areas without adding too much thickness.

As always, we love when materials are economically friendly.  Alusion fits right into this category because their panels are made with recycled materials and can be recycled should there be any waste on a project.


For more information on the Alusion panels, our sales ladies are happy to help!  Or, check out their website here.