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Spring Project Countdown is on!!

 Yes, it’s spring again! Inevitably the closer to spring we get, the longer the project list gets – I’m afraid its some weird mathematical absolute that occurs EVERY year! We’ve had our first customer request … “Can I have my metal roof/siding in time for May Long Weekend?”.  This is always our first clue that

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2014 Metal Roofing Trends in Review

High End Options – Metal Roofing gets top marks! The following is an excerpt from a recent article published in Roofing Contractor – a really great resource for roofing contractors – definitely worth bookmarking for future updates! Dave O’Donnell, president and CEO, NEMEON Inc., has seen more homeowners that are receptive to exploring different high-end options. “With the

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Metal Roofing stands up to strong winds!

Many homes in the Winnipeg and Southern Manitoba area have suffered roof damage due to strong winds….that is – those covered with shingles!  How have the roofs covered in metal fared?  Virtually – untouched!  At one time, the price gap between shingles and metal roofing was extreme; however, now, as homeowners look for higher quality roofing

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